City Walk

Had to drop the car off for a service yesterday morning. Used the chance to get some city shots and try something new with a time lapse.

Victoria Square – Double exposure taken in Victoria Square. Using the sun behind the statue and controlling the exposure balance in the camera to create the image floating in a white background.

Using a ND filter to allow for .5 second exposures every second with auto ISO. There are elements I like, especially the motion blur in each individual photo which works well when stitched together. However the exposure jumps around a bit too much with the auto ISO on.

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Primo Estate

Well here is the first little planet I’ve done for awhile. Taken at the Primo Estate cellar door in McLaren Vale.

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Been Sailing

Been too busy with sailing and coaching to pick up the camera much recently but I did get a couple of shots while down near Lincoln. Here is a star trail from Arno Bay, scroll to the left to see a couple more.

I’ve also picked up an old Canon 20d very cheaply with the idea of installing it at a winery and doing a year long timelapse. I took it for it’s first run the other day and here is the result. The sensor needs cleaning but I’m pretty happy considering I was using a broken lens.

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Next exhibition

Well I think I’ve settled on a theme and name for the next exhibition. In “Double Take” I will be focusing on multiples and exploring where this can take me in a creative sense. Below is “Glenelg Ships” a double exposure at Glenelg.

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New Build

Well something critical went wrong with the website so I’m having to start again and thought I’d go for a new look with the rebuild. Over the next few months I will be posting old content and new to get the website back to where it was. Here is the most recent collaboration with Tim O’Shea at Anderson Hill Winery.

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